ANDROID ! Operating System

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Android is the operating system of mobile phone which is developed by Google. It is the modified version of the Linux Kernel. It is an open source operating system which is designed for touchscreen smartphones and also tablets. You can easily be mirroring the android device display on your windows phones or window mobile or bigger screen TV. You can easily stream your android device on the windows 10.If you want to stream the android display device with window 10 then initially you have to connect the app with a window device. For this you have to follow some rules and regulations i.e;

(a) Use Android:

1. Initially, you go to setting of the window and click start and type connect.
2. You can click on launch and select the trusted Windows store app from the menu. Switch your android device and swipe the notification bar and select the cast icon, if you have found the cast icon then you can connect both devices with window 10. This is not a big task to connect both device android or window 10.

Another method is to connect the window 10 with mirroring the android device using Android application. The reason is that it can be work without WiFi or without internet.
If you don't have any account of Android then you go to play store and download android and then install your system. You can free download it without cost but for downloading there is a need for internet connection or WiFi.

(b) Use Mobizen Mirroring application:

It is one the amazing application for an android device, it can be used for streaming the mirroring the smartphone media from PC. This app can easily access call logs, photos, videos stored on the phone through PC. This is one the crucial application that is used in mirroring the android device with window 10. The major advantage of the Mobizen application is that it doesn’t require them to installation on any desktop. You can free download this mobizen application.

For this, you can go to Google PLay store and download a Mobizen app and then you will create an account of mobizen after that you can switch to your windows computer. After this overall process, you go to and log in with the existing or same account. Account creation is mandatory for each and every user which want to access the mirroring the android device with window 10 or another window.

(c) Using Team Viewer:

I will suggest you, how to mirror an Android device display on Windows PC using Team-viewer. Team viewer is the application which does not require ROOT. Team-viewer can also be used to troubleshoot the Android device.

Team Viewer works on all the platform. It works both on WiFi and mobile data. It uses 256-bit Advanced encryption standard encryption for encoding that makes the casting more secured. It is more secure, it means that you can access it, only when you know the login id of your partner. Because of Team-viewer based on confidentiality strategy. Anyone else accesses this application whenever they know about the login data of the third person. That's why we can say that Team-viewer application is a more confidential application. It gives the permission only administrator.

(d) System and software requirement:

**Desktop: There is a need of 3rd generation Intel processor. Second thing is that there is a connection of WiFi and another internet and Windows 10 version 1607. You have to check all the basic setting of a desktop. You have check all the updation. If your system is not working properly then it may be possible that you would not be mirroring the android device with window 10. So this is necessary to check out the system with carefully or full of attention

**Android: There is a requirement of Android 4.2 or newer — Android 4.4+ offers better compatibility and Nexus devices on Android 6.0 require rooting and a custom ROM or a Miracast-capable smartphone. You have to figure out all the connection of android device because it is necessary.

Downgrading Windows 8 To Windows 7

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Downgrading from Windows 8 to 7
downgrading is pretty simple process it is not easy but it is a simple process lets talk about the advantages of windows 8 and to windows 7 if you have windows 8 professionals key, than you can upgrades the professionals key of windows 7 for free at that time they show other requirements also you will make sure that your all data backup when you get downgrading the windows 8 to window 7 and protect your important files from being deleted .you are not a fan of windows 8 but want a new laptops that come with windows 8 preinstalled but you will be happy to know you can actually downgrades the windows 7 in your laptops and computer without having to reformatting .
windows 8 to 7

Downgrading process

A: Start the computer and press F2 4-5 times to access the BIOS setting start up

B: now use F9 button to initializes the BIOS setting

C: press the F10 now saved the BIOS setting and then restart the computers from better upgrading this is common and simple steps starting for the upgrading it

D:Than again restarting the computer immediately press F2 key and set up the BIOS setting by pressing F2 key 4-5 times to start the BIOS setting don't take longer time after re starting the computer or laptops.

E:Now go to the BOOT MENU

F:Select the boost secure system to set up the BOOT menu disables and operating system mode selection for the csm os systems

G: Set the BIOS menu for the fast and advanced menu too

H:Putt the windows 7 set up in the internal or external menu bars of ODD

Again press the F9 button to save the set BIOS data and then restart the computing system again you can set the BIOS menu once again
Select the boot devices priority in the boot menu and press again F5 to set the beet menu to saved in it to move the 7 DVD to top position
To press the windows key to installation path during the windows 7 installation process select each drives and deleted it one by one

Click next button to install the windows 7
Downgrading Windows

Than start the downloading of windows 7 in your computer and download software any of the suggested or safe sites and updates the windows 7 from windows 8 this will the simple and straight forward methods to used for the downloading and installation of the computer without taken too much time any paying to anyone for the downloading of software and the windows much sufficient band better than of every operating systems ever

After the installation process you can choose the languages and regions to complete the installation process select the various partition in the hard drives process of deleting and consolation the each part to make the free spaces in the computing system finally your laptops will boot up with the new windows the window that you want to be install it you can see now the familiar system that you want once you have got your WiFi and start running of your devices with the internet connection in it now you can hunts down the system and troubleshooter as needed

once you got your drivers to installed it you can now complete the all graphics , track-pads , Bluetooth and much more that the computers have and to do the complete process have now . Now you have new windows to install your computer.

Hopefully this small guide lines will help you to complete the installation process very easily this is the simplest process enjoy the bask of light new processors and much speeds that you will actually wanted its free to use windows that you actually to have.

How to speed up windows

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Following Tips For Speed Up Windows
Windows has begun to lost some of its luster over a time all computers slow down its very easy to restore the performance there are numbers of usual suspects who are
more probably responsible for the slow down of speed on your computers in it the including the temporary files and the less powerful hardware on the plus side the
latest iteration of windows at her some extremely useful built in features to improves the efficiency of the computers here some the reasons present to start up computer again with same speed as new computers have present .

1-Restart the computer:
Windows 10 is automatically put the display to sleep any process will previously starting to continue this will can accumulates over time and slow down your computers speed. as strange as it may be sound the exact method of restarting the computer is differ quite bit between some versions of the windows operating system before you get started the computer you must remember that all data and all taps are be secured you have to saved the all data in your system and shut
down your computer softly be careful if have reset something restarting also known as the rebooting the computer devices and in other word you can called it restarting the devices if you have no options just click the restart button in case powering off and than come back to power button and plugging or unplugging in the PC at all options.

2-Use SSD:

You have an old PC for only a mechanical hard drive and getting the computer or laptops is too slow you can use the hard drives too boost up your computers you can do a very simple thing to boosting up use the capable SSD it is very cheap and easy method to for recover the speed of your computer because over a time it will get slow down .this way you will get boot it faster most of the PC takes the second drives but in some small computers it will not taken the SSD chips it is worth if you using a drive or buy a any drive for your computer you have to check which is correct to use in it bost time is depend on the entirely for your disk drives

3-Removed unused software:
How to uninstall any software in windows 10 if you really don't know the apps how it is you can doing the lower amount on space to used on your hard drives and memory it uses. sometimes there are not so simple to uninstall the apps they start showing windows errors so can mind the process how you can uninstall and which type of software you can uninstall it just clean the folders containing temporary files to deleted all the temporaray files within 7 days Press window button+R type the CMD and press the enter in the command line the windows type del%temp%some files is won't be deleted that may be in use and it was
perfectly you can saved in any other folder and saved for loosing it and have complete the deleting process and on the apps just click the windows and start the window find setting and than click the aps that you want to be uninstalled and just click the right here have two options move or uninstalled click on uninstalled and removes the app and get free your software this will also help you get the windows fully boosting up

4-Upgrades your RAM:
Windows Ram

RAM is a memory that your computers is uses to stores the data that is currently in used openly speaking RAM is allowed to take the access of the data to load more and more to perform your computer at once it will also depends on the varieties of the other factors of the computers there are different type of ram A:Most RAM using DDR3 but the older RAM uses DDR2 or even that DDR mostly people should look past 2666MHz and 2400MHz and some peoples are required 1600MHz to 1866MHz
RAM slots are adjust the CPU sockets with the buying consideration out of the way and 8GB of DDR3 to 1866MHz

Windows 8: The Best Tricks, Tips, And Tweaks

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Whatever you had installed the windows 8 or bought a new PCs with it windows 8 do thing that you won't think it was possible you make manually registry tweaks to open up your hidden elementary of your operating system windows is common place many of us so, don't realizes that the special features to boost the speed of yours computers and laptops for very accurate and good working of the processor you must be customize it own for the better work if you look the tremendous technical evolution i will show you how to use the so called apps and the mods that are available in your latest windows processors the lock screens and the much more so, get ready to fire up your windows 8
Windows Tricks and tips

Windows 8 keyboard shortcuts :

Press windows keys to open the start screens on switch to the desktops if you can open the windows

press the windows button+D to opens the windows desktops

press window plus. to pin or unpin the windows app

press windows button + X to open for users menus which access you want eg: devices manager and the command prompt

Use window key+c to open charm

press the windows key +I to open setting and to form charm

Press window button+tab to open apps

press windows key+print screens to create a screenshots which is automatically saved in to your folder

Use all the shortcuts view all windows without taking too much time running many apps side by side: any app you pinned up for example you can press the windows key+. it can be moved right hand side and than again you press the same key this app start showing on the left hand side pressing the same keys again this will start showing in full screens even that you can open any program any browsers and much more with the help of this key buttons this advantages only in windows 8 computers you can drag it with clicking of the mouse and you can drag it from right left up and down any where their you want it the way you can start the using of windows very accordance without searching and facing hurdles too much .

The more advantages were taken in Windows 8 App:
you can installed and stored more and more like thousand of apps in your computers devices that designed for the windows 8 computers the READER App this will helps you to covert the files in pdf
skydrives :
sky drives gives the access of the windows 8 computers that can be help to store photos the documents the more important and the more access clouds to saved the memory you can shared this files easily with anyones
Lets Talk About The Storages :
the most important advantages are given in the storage memory the storages very expload to more files thousand of apps lots of photos you will saved in it easily.
Windows 8 tips

Customize The Tiles :
In windows 8 you will directly not able to open the desktops you can start your computers their if you click the tile bar you can drag to pin windows and open at the full screens of the windows 8 this will the latest and uniqueness of the computers that designed for saved lots of apps photos and the high memory problems the interactive and attractive icons used to displaced whether , news and more .luckily there are contains the main menu bar .if you are coming from the windows 7 they have live tiles available you will remove it first because they may be not useful but luckily you will not faced the live tiles in their windows 8 and its simple process you will not lucky to removes but you can slid down to hide it